Friday, August 22, 2008

A Green Chemistry Future For California

The LA Times has an editorial today praising Assembly Bill 1879, a bill that lays the framework for a green chemistry future.

It arrives just in time for an anticipated vote on the Senate floor, which could take place as early as today.

Assembly Bill 1879 (Feuer) would give state toxics regulators the chance to take a comprehensive, scientific look at chemicals that end up in baby products, shampoo, serving dishes and countless other products you use every day. Federal officials have inventoried 20,000 new chemicals since 1979, even though they have very little information about the way these chemicals affect our air, water and health.

A Sierra Club California priority bill, AB 1879 could be just the thing for jump-starting the Department of Toxic Substances Control’s green chemistry initiative. Because it doesn’t seek to ban a specific chemical, the bill even has the support of some in the chemical industry – although many manufacturers still oppose the effort.

AB 1879 represents our best hope for a full scientific evaluation of the products we take for granted. I hope the California Legislature acts on its unique opportunity.

-- Bill Magavern, Director, Sierra Club California.

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