Friday, June 13, 2008

A Strong Response to Spilled Oil

We met this week with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to talk about a raft of Sierra Club California-supported oil spill bills he just signed.

Hopefully, California will respond more quickly and efficiently to the spills that plague coasts and inland areas alike, leaving dead and suffering wildlife in their wake.

These three bills could help speed and shape California’s response to oil spills:

AB 1960 (Nava): Increase state oversight of inland oil wells, where spills actually occur more often. For example, in 2007, more than nine times the amount of oil spilled in inland creeks, rivers and streams as spilled in the Cosco Busan spill.

SB 1739 (Simitian): Makes sure all first responders to oil spills are prepared to take on those spills.

AB 2911 (Wolk): Requires inland oil spill response to match marine oil spill response, in terms of strength and speed, and increases the fines paid by polluters who spill oil.

On a personal note, for anyone who’s wondering, our “Governator’s” handshake is as *firm* as his resolve seems to be!

Sierra Club has sought a stronger oil spill response since 2007’s Cosco Busan spill.
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See what Governor Schwarzenegger had to say in favor of the three bills he signed.

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watergurrl said...

Now we just have to make sure Schwarzenegger actually signs those bills!