Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't Build It, Dam It

Recently, the Los Angeles Times wrote that new Assembly Speaker Karen Bass and next year’s Senate President pro tempore Darrell Steinberg might consider building new dams as one way of getting water to the people.

California’s in the middle of two dry years, so it’s no surprise that California’s Assembly and Senate leadership want real solutions to provide water for homes, businesses and farms. But building more dams won’t solve today’s problem, tomorrow’s problem – or the problems that could arise five years from now.

Dams cost a lot of money to build, and we can’t be sure that they’ll even work the way they’re supposed to. We’re still several millions of dollars away from completed studies on the dams that special interests want us to build in the Central Valley – and we already have 1,400 dams in the state of California.

Instead, California’s leaders can act on other parts of the Governor’s proposal, supporting existing legislation that would require 20 percent reductions in water use, AB 2175 (Laird and Feuer). And we can continue to progress toward a solution in the delta that provides for the best use of water while protecting the delta’s natural resources.

Twenty percent isn’t much to ask. Think about it: It’s the difference between your kid throwing four water balloons and five at his birthday party – or between some new toilets and their predecessors.

If we apply conservation measures now, California won’t come up dry now, tomorrow and in the near future.


skinnychef said...

well said, bro!

four said...

i don't think we (Americans, but esp. in California) realize how much water we waste daily, and how some nominal personal conservation practices would have an enormous effect on our water usage.

without conservation, dams or no dams, we will experience a true crisis.

B said...

With the big aqueducts not covered, thus losing enormous amounts of water each year, why doesn't Sierra Club sponsor legislation to require that they be covered?
Preempt local codes which ban gray water plumbing for yards.
Ban new lawns for new homes.
No more golf courses in the desert.

Let's be proactive and offer the better solutions.