Thursday, September 11, 2008

California Leaders Oppose Drilling

California lawmakers have taken a strong stand against an oil industry “culture of corruption” that threatens our coasts.
Assemblymember Pedro Nava and has authored a resolution opposing drilling for oil along California’s coastline. The resolution, which was just approved by our California Legislature, will demonstrate our state’s continued resistance to coastal drilling.

The resolution has become even more important in light of recent news that oil regulators with the U.S. Minerals Management Service have become industry’s lap dogs, not watchdogs (AP).

Not only would new drilling place our precious coasts in the hands of this rogue agency, drilling won’t pay off for more than a decade, the representatives said. Furthermore, it would endanger our state’s $12.5 billion coastal tourism industry and our fishing and aquaculture businesses, Assemblymember Nava explained.

We can reverse our dependence on foreign oil without drilling, Sierra Club California Director Bill Magavern pointed out at today’s press conference. More efficient vehicle efficiency standards, such as California’s Clean Cars Law, would save millions of gallons of oil simply by putting existing technologies to good use. But the Bush Administration continues to stand in the way of this law.

“More offshore drilling is an illusion, not a solution,” said Bill Magavern. “California is trying to lead the way – we just need the U.S. EPA to get out of the way.”

Assemblymember Jared Huffman, Natural Resources Defense Council’s Victoria Rome and Environment California’s Bernadette Del Chiaro also stood against coastal drilling.


Anonymous said...

While our learder enjoy their, free lunch, gas cards, per dayly per dem, retirement, free medical and enjoying their lobbist girl /boy freind at coktail time. Rome burns! Obstructionist, No drill, no Coal, no Nuclear, no desaltation plants, no new freeways,no Hydro electric,no water projects,and 70% of high way taxes go for $14,500 a foot mass transit systems and then the cars, station, energy, man power and car owner subsidize because the ridership does not pay the total cost. Know one is going to get out of their car to get mugged! One nuclear 2000 mega watt plant equals 250,000 acres of windmills at one tenth the cost and land used. Solar the same thing! Do the Math. Unless your just to poor!

Anonymous said...

Here's an environmentally-themed video you might find amusing:


There's a special part about off-shore drilling.