Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sierra Club California Welcomes Karen Bass

Sierra Club California honors newly sworn-in Assembly Speaker Karen Bass. Her historic day also represents a great day for clean air, clean water and a healthy California.

We're pleased to see such a strong ally ascend to one of the state's most powerful positions. Assembly Speaker Bass voted with the environment on 12 out of 12 key bills last year, supporting water conservation, alternative fuels and green buildings. In 2006, she stood with environmentalists to support AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act, and 10 other key measures to again score 100 percent on our environmental report card.

Assembly Speaker Bass has made addressing the state's troubled budget her top priority. We look forward to working with her to ensure Californians have access to the natural places we love and to protect our air, water and atmosphere.”

- Statement, Sierra Club California Director Bill Magavern

Check out our
2006 and 2007 report cards.

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Marla said...

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Autry's Atrocities

Sierra Club California said...

Sierra Club California doesn't endorse the above comment, but we do support our site acting as an open forum when we can.