Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bush Administration Sets Global Warming Roadblock

Sierra Club California Director Bill Magavern speaks out on the Bush administration’s illegal proposed roadblock for California’s greenhouse gas tailpipe emissions rule:

Yesterday was Earth Day. Unfortunately, President George W. Bush’s administration chose the occasion to give a present to the auto companies by rolling out an illegal proposal – buried in federal gas mileage regulations – that would bar California from enforcing its greenhouse gas vehicle emissions standards.

This proposed rule would damage California’s ability to protect our health and safety and our climate by reducing emissions from personal vehicles. Sierra Club has fought along with Attorney General Jerry Brown, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California Legislature to protect California’s Clean Cars law (AB 1493 – Pavley), since it’s such an important part of our efforts to roll back greenhouse gas pollution in our state and in the 17 other states that seek to follow our standards.

It seems like the Bush Administration treats California the way Lucy treats Charlie Brown in the comic strip “Peanuts.” Every time we try to move the ball forward, to protect our climate and our air, the administration snatches it away with another dishonest act.

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