Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Will Parra Block Effort to Clean Up the Valley’s Air?

Assemblymember Nicole Parra represents people who breathe the filthiest air in the nation, and she seems determined to keep it that way. Once again, Parra is point person for Big Oil and Big Ag in opposing Senator Mike Machado’s legislation to reform the governing board of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. Sure, oil and ag are big industries in Kern County, but not all Kern electeds do whatever the polluters tell them – Senator Dean Florez, in fact, has joined Machado as joint author of the bill.

Senate Bill 719 would improve the Valley’s air board by adding representatives from 2 large cities, along with a doctor and an air pollution expert, which might make the board actually willing to crack down on big polluters for a change. Parra not only opposes the bill, she also is working her Assembly colleagues, asking them to join her in opposing this common-sense reform.

SB 719’s supporters, a clean-air coalition including Latino Issues Forum, Fresno Metro Ministries, Sierra Club California and the Union of Concerned Scientists, are urging the rest of the Assembly to do what Parra has never done – stand up for the breathers in the Valley.


Sierra Club California said...

It's worth noting that Nicole Parra has the weakest environmental record of any Democrat - worse than some of the more thoughtful Republicans, such as Sam Blakeslee. You can view the 2006 Legislative Report Card at:

Irvin said...

Speaking of Blakeslee, I was surprised to see him in attendance at the premier showing of "11th Hour" at the Crest after the CVAQ Lobby Day, 8/28. While I'm not familiar with this assemblyman, as I live in the Bay Area, I'll remember his attending this environmental film - so 'thoughtful' appears to be an apt description for this Republican.

Airman 1 said...

Perhaps the Sierra Club would consider honoring Blakeslee?

You could create something like "The Sierra Club/Arnold Schwarzeneggar Leading The Republican Call To Environmental Awareness Award" or TSCASLTRCTEA Award, for short.

Just a thought.

Sorry it's not a very good title.

Anonymous said...

Hard to tell, but I think she's actually holding her breath in that picture.